Dugans et al
Genealogical Journeys

This website is devoted to exploring the genealogy of a number of branches of our family.
The principal names are – Balfour [Scotland, Portsmouth], Blake [Portsmouth], Dugan [Portsmouth], Lloyd [Cardiganshire], Penney [Portsmouth], Simmons [Wiltshire, London] and Vaughan [Montgomeryshire], and even Howlett [Norfolk]!

There is a separate section on Rogerson [Northumberland, Durham] and Kennedy [London].
This includes names such as Mackesy [Ireland], Butler [Ireland], Gardiner [New York State] and Ullathorne [London].

And there is a reproduction of an old school atlas from 1850 which belonged to a member of the family.

[The place names given are only meant to be a rough indication of the various families' principal locations.]

The data in the first two areas are extensive and, to some extent, personal, although living people are almost entirely excluded. Thus to view either of these, a username/password pair is required. To request a username and password, see below.

Graham Howlett

A: Dugans et al section

B: Rogerson and Kennedy section

C: Old School Atlas

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